Rec Shed
7 Barrine Road
(Next to the Memorial Hall where we used to train, Tennis Courts and Oval – on the way to Tinaburra).
It is a very basic area with a concrete floor, some walls and a roof.

If you are unwell, stay away. If you have had the flu shot or jab in the last 2 months- stay away as they can shed for up to 8 weeks and we have some vulnerable people that attend.


Feel free to contact us on 0444 550 072


Welcome to Ashley Cupitt Boxing Academy website (formally Yungaburra Boxing Gym and Atherton Boxing Club).  Operated since 1978 by Volunteers (we don’t get paid).  We’re old school trainers who train people of all abilities, ages (5-90yo), genders and races through traditional Boxing training (skipping, fitness circuits and technique).  No air conditioning or weights machines will get your body to do what it does naturally- sweat!


Costs as at 2018:

$20 per class for casuals  (no membership, still have to fill in forms)

Children 5-14 years old
$30 a year Membership Fee
$2 per class  (discounted rate for Members)

Teenagers 15+ years old and Adults
$70 a year Membership Fee
$5 per class  (discounted rate for Members)

Personal Training competitive price of
$80 per hour for Members
$90 per hour for non-members

Yearly Membership fees help pay for insurance, rent, equipment replacement and Admin costs.

Discounts  (Per class is same price as per discount rate)
$110 Two Person Membership Fee
You and a friend or partner  (normally $140)

$200 Yearly Family Membership Fee
2 Adults and 3 Children  (normally $230)
Additional Children +$25 each
Pre-Paid Class Card for Members – which allows you to purchase 20 classes in advance!
$35 Child  (2.5 free classes)
$90 Teenager/Adult  (2 free classes)
Membership + 20 Class Card
$65 Child  (worth $70)
$160 Teenager/Adult  (worth $170)

We accept cash, direct debit and EFTPOS.

Membership is January to December each year.  Same as registration with Boxing League for Boxers.

No lock in contract.  We try to keep class prices and Membership as low as possible and cover our insurance, administration, rent, equipment and club registration fees.  Hand wraps, club shirts, singlets, etc are optional to purchase.


Looking for a different venue

For many years Ashley has said that he would love to create an Academy that encompassed a few fight disciplines along with some of his ex-Boxers that went on to other sports and became Trainers in those disciplines.

Ashley told Louise of his dream and she expanded it to include a Rehabilitation Centre for Brain Injuries, Sports Injuries and Veterans with the potential for 50-100 Staff on the Atherton Tablelands.

Helping people is something that both Ashley and Louise are passionate about.  Through life they both have experienced Traumatic Brain Injuries and Sporting Injuries.  Louise is currently a Peer Leader for her local brain injury group STEPS Program, which is part of Qld Health’s Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service (ABIOS).

As we progress with our usual training for Competition Boxers and general fitness for everyone; we hope to start fundraising towards buying land and building a suitable place for our training.  If you or someone you know would like to help us achieve this dream, please contact Ashley or Louise on 0444 550 072.


Please note: only give your donations to Ashley or Louise. We have not authorised anyone else to take donations or raffles on our behalf.