Group classes: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 6:00-7:30pm at the Old Gym in B Block, Atherton High School. School Holidays- check Facebook, closed during Public Holidays.

Locals PricesChild 5- 14yoTeenager 15-17yoAdult 18yo+
Class Price for Members$2$5$5
Yearly Membership$30$70$70
20 Classes Pre-Paid
for Members
free classes – 2.5
free classes – 2
free classes – 2
5 Class Trial$20$50$50
Veterans MembershipN/AN/A$60
Veterans 20 Class CardN/AN/A$80
Backpacker Prices
Backpacker prices are for those who are passing through the Atherton Tablelands
and aren’t here long enough for a whole year’s membership.
Time (based on 3 classes a week, includes Membership)Price
Casual per class (with no membership)$20.00
1 Week$17.00
2 Weeks$34.00
3 Weeks$51.00
1 Month$68.00
2 Months$136.00
3 Months – 4 free classes$170.00
6 Months – 8.5 free classes$340.00

Costs as at 2018:

$20 per class for casuals  (no membership, still have to fill in forms)

Children 5-14 years old
$30 a year Membership Fee
$2 per class  (discounted rate for Members)

Teenagers 15+ years old and Adults
$70 a year Membership Fee
$5 per class  (discounted rate for Members)

Veterans and current Serving ADF are eligible for $10 off Class Cards & new Memberships.  Must show DVA card (regardless of colour) or Defence ID, failure to produce card/ID no discount should be given.  No referrals needed.

Yearly Membership fees help pay for insurance, rent, equipment replacement and Admin costs.

Pre-Paid Class Card for Members – There is an option to buy a Pre-Paid Class Card for Members, which allows you to purchase 20 Classes for the price of 18 Classes in advance!  This is an excellent choice for those who struggle to find cash money for each class; or those who prefer to have the classes all paid in one go for ease of use; or to make yourself a fitness commitment.  It’s easy to use, buy one off Louise or Ashley and then just present it at the beginning of each class you attend to get it hole punched /ticked off.
$35 Child  (2.5 free classes)
$90 Teenager/Adult  (2 free classes)

Trial 5 Classes – Gives you 5 classes, including Membership for that time. If you decide to purchase full Membership in the same year, the Membership paid with the Trial goes towards full Membership. e.g. Child $10 Membership on trial card = another $20 for full Membership.

We accept cash, direct debit and EFTPOS.

* The club policy is we allow the first two nights as a trial, to see if people want to commit to the training program.  Once they decide they are committed and purchase Membership, we have a no-refund policy as we have overheads to meet.
* Membership is not transferable to another person.
* Class cards are not refundable, however may be transferred to another person within the same age category.
* Multiple discounts and offers cannot be used at the same time.
* Membership is January to December each year. Same as registration with Boxing League for Boxers.

No lock in contract.  We try to keep class prices and Membership as low as possible and cover our insurance, administration, rent, equipment and club registration fees.  Hand wraps, club shirts, singlets, etc are optional to purchase.


The Academy is an Authorised Reseller of Northern Martial Arts, Punch, Sting, Morgan Sports, Century Martial Arts Supplies, Everything MMA and Title Boxing.  If you would like to purchase any of their equipment through us, have a look at their websites to help decide what you need and let us know.

Boxing equipment – mouthguards (ships from America)

Bulk food and other items – activated charcoal, bicarb soda, bentonite clay – coconut water, oil, chips, lupin – health food shop – blue cypress oil – essential oils made on the Tablelands