Ted Offord AFSM (Australian Fire Service Medal)
John Hardy OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia)

John Hardy OAM, Ashley Cupitt OAM and Ted Offord AFSM.


Equipment and/or Time

Bob Tootell
Brenda Noonan
Melissa Alice Mayze
Peter Brown
Shane Knuth MP and Staff

Scott Mahoney donating his lucky old boots to Michael Perks.
Scott Mahoney donating his lucky old boots to Michael Perks.


Align Fencing and Landscaping
Elders Real Estate and Insurance Tablelands
Gulf Savannah Development
Jamie Lobley
Kile Aitchison – Kingpin Barbers Atherton
Shane Knuth MP
Tony Niewenhuis Estate
Yungaburra Butchery

Newspaper article with group photo of Sponsors.


Bernie Dobe
Cairns Post
Central Tyre Service
Cris Accatino of Peeramon Pub
CWA Yungaburra
Damien Farrell
Darryl Day
Dave Brennan
Don “Brahma” Cupitt
Eacham Times
Elders Insurance
Express Newspaper
Fred Price
Fred Sloane
Fred Williams
Garry and Maude Christopher of Pit Stop Servo
Gavin “Stumpy” Titlow
George Kidner
Gordon and Raymond Cupitt
Harry and Vicky Chatfield
Helen and Jules McMaugh
Jan Cupitt
Jeff Hudson
John Rutherford
Kerry and Barb Kehoe
Kile Aitchison
Lions and Lionesses Yungaburra
Mechelen Hunter
Melanie Horne
Mick Cupitt
Mike Ainsley
O’Connells Plumbing Pty Ltd
Omari Kimweri – Professional Boxer
Platypus Patch Embroidery
Paul Morley
Ray Byrnes
Red Dirt Motorcycle Club
Scott Mahoney
Steve Bakks
Tablelander Newspaper
Tony Anderson-Clemence
Uncle Tonys Towing
Winsome Cupitt
Yungaburra Butchery



If you would like to donate, bequeath or help please contact Ashley or Louise on +61 (0)444 550 072 or use the contact form on this website. Please note that we have not authorised anyone else to take donations on our behalf.

If you are interested in being sponsored, please talk to Louise or Ashley.  To become eligible for this sponsorship, you must attend the gym regularly for 3 months initially.  By doing this, you are showing that you are committed to the Boxing program.  You don’t have to compete and are not expected to win Titles or Medals.

Businesses and individuals may purchase class cards or packages to support a Boxer in need of financial help.  Or you can help the gym provide this service to our Community through Donations, paying for Rent, Insurance, Equipment or Volunteering.  We will put pictures up on Facebook, our website and send it into the Newspapers.  For sizeable donations & repeat support, you will go on the Sponsor Board at the Gym.  Or you may remain anonymous if you prefer.


We understand making a gift in your Will is a very personal decision. We are honoured when people make the kind and generous decision to include a gift to Ashley Cupitt Boxing Academy in their Will. Bequests are a vital source of income and we appreciate every gift.

The following information is intended to be a guide to making your Will. We do recommend that you speak with your family about your intentions and seek independent legal advice.

Suggested wording for wills
‘I (insert name here) bequeath to Ashley Cupitt Boxing Academy ABN 54 986 121 257 for its general purposes (or name a specific purpose, such as equipment, rent, insurance, Sponsor a Boxer programs)
[Choose and insert the appropriate statement from the list below]

1. the whole of my estate
2. (insert number) percentage of my estate
3. the residue of my estate
4. the amount of $ (insert the value of your gift in cash)
5. my (insert name of asset)

free of all duties, and the receipt of the Secretary or other authorised officer for the time being shall be a complete and sufficient discharge for the Executor(s).’

Administration of an estate
When it is time to administer an estate Ashley Cupitt Boxing Academy would appreciate your assistance in the following ways:
1. Notify us – Please contact us and include a list of any gifts or assets that have been bequeathed to Ashley Cupitt Boxing Academy.  We may request that certain assets be dealt with in a particular manner for tax purposes.

2. Tell us about your client – it is our wish to thank remaining family and friends and honour your client’s memory.

These actions allow us to respect your client’s final wishes, honour their memory and maximise the impact of their donation.