School Holidays Sep 2019

As some of you may be aware, the School Holidays are upon us again!
This week and after the holidays will be as normal.
This time we are going to trial some Personal Training Sessions! 🙂 Because a lot of people go on holiday.

Wednesday will be the normal Group Sessions at our usual low price. (25th Sep and 2nd Oct)

Thursday and Friday will be a Special 1 on 1 Personal Training class! (26th and 27th Sep) (3rd and 4th Oct) For one hour, you will have the sole attention of our Head Trainer Ashley Cupitt to concentrate on whatever you would like to focus on- technique, fitness, etc. As an added Bonus, Trainer Louise will be there to help. The competitive price of $80 per hour for Members ($90 p/h for non-members).

Please let us know by contact form, email, text, or Facebook message if you’re coming to the Wednesday classes or would like to book your own PT class!
Book and pay for your session today!